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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apple Pie!

I did it! I made a (successful) apple pie and a decent pie crust.

I rarely make pies (because most of the time I am making cookies or cakes or scones or something) but every once in a while I get the urge to make a pie - about once a semester.  I remember making a pie during finals week last fall semester and lo and behold! here I am making another pie during finals week of spring semester.  I remember being so excited making that blueberry pie in December and then it turned out horrible: the crust was not flaky and much too hard (the result of too much kneading?) and the filling was mediocre.

But this time my pie was a success! People randomly stumbled into the kitchen and everyone who tasted it loved it! The filling probably could have used more sugar (it was tart because the recipe asked for lemon juice) but it was nice having a pie that was not overly-sweet. The crust was good too! Although I am still perfecting my pie crust... Sadie is the real master when it comes to pie crusts. Wish I knew how she does it.

This is the recipe (thanks epicurious!):
I liked that it was kind of free-form and encouraged experimentation with the filling. I am always a fan of experimentation, especially in the kitchen.  For me baking has always been intuitive and I am glad that other people understand that as well. I followed their recipe for the crust but ommitted the lard because 1) I am vegetarian, and 2) lard is gross! who wants lard in their apple pie?

P.S. Not only did it taste good, it looked good. Pictures to come later.